Our service

Family Mediation:

  • keeps your family out of court and allows you to make the decisions about what is best for you and your family in the future
  • improves communication and is more likely to produce a long lasting solution
  • is quicker and more cost effective than alternative routes for resolving your conflict.

We offer:

  • a specialist child focused mediation service in London which can help you focus on the needs of your children and how you will deal with parenting issues in the months and years to come
  • help to make decisions and realistic plans for the future of your children, especially where there has been a breakdown in communication
  • help with decisions about your property and finances
  • a holistic services for families, working with other agencies where appropriate to ensure that you can get the advice and support you need to move forward
  • information and referral to other professional services when needed such as . Collaborative Law,  Family Therapy, Child Counselling
  • a written record of the decisions you make and preparation of the documents needed to draw up a legally binding agreement.

All clients are encouraged to use the CFM Complaints Procedure regarding any dissatisfaction or concern regarding the delivery of our service. For a copy of our complaints procedure, please contact your mediator or another member of our team.

We are ‘processors’ of personal data for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation. We ensure that this data is not shared with any other agencies unless someone is at risk of significant harm or it is necessary to disclose to the appropriate government authority information with regard to any previously undisclosed criminal offence.  Our files may also audited by the Legal Aid Agency (only where the client is eligible for legal aid). We may also retain data for research or statistical purposes on the understanding that all identifying details have been removed.

Who we can help:

We work with families through separation and divorce and also work with families involved in other types of disputes involving children. Our client group includes:

  • married and cohabiting couples (still living together or separated)
  • same sex couples
  • civil partners
  • other family members involved in disputes concerning children, including grandparents and siblings.

What will happen:

Initially you and your former partner (or other family member) will be seen separately so that we can assess whether mediation is suitable. The first meeting, sometimes called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), is an individual meeting for each of you. It will last about 45 minutes. During this session, the mediator will:

  • listen
  • explain the process and answer your questions
  • assess each person’s willingness to participate
  • check any concerns and assess whether mediation is suitable for you both
  • help you decide whether you want to proceed with mediation.

Sometimes mediation may not be suitable, in which case the mediator will help you look at alternatives. We are FMC accredited mediators and can sign your court application form (Forms C100, Form A, Form A1, Form FM1) to confirm that you have attended a MIAM or that mediation has broken down.  The Court requires you to have a signed copy of these form before you issue legal proceedings for Financial, Child Arrangements, Prohibitive Steps or Specific Issue Order.

If you both decide to proceed with mediation all subsequent meetings are joint mediation sessions which last about one and a half hours.

The whole process takes on average three mediation sessions for Child Arrangements or Property and Finance and five to six mediation session for All Issues Mediation.


We provide a reasonably priced mediation service and will discuss our fees with you on the phone before we meet. As a social enterprise,we charge a sliding scale for fees for mediation which is based on your income. Fees are charged per person per session.  We accept payment by direct bank transfer (cleared at least 2 days before the meeting) or, cash or cheque payable on the day of the meeting.

Although we have been offering Legal Aid, we are no longer accepting new legal aid cases. If you think you may be eligible for legal aid, please use the Family Mediation Council search tool to find an alternative mediator. You can find out more information about eligibility using this  legal aid eligibility calculator 

Current charges per person

The initial mediation information and assesment meeting (MIAM) is charged at a flat rate of £95 per person.

A joint MIAM is appropriate in some circumstance and the fee for a joint MIAM is £170.

Charges per person for a mediation session which lasts 11/2 hours are as follows:

Eligible for legal aid                                                                               free

Gross income up to  £35,000                                                               £120

Gross income from £35,001 to £70,000                                               £170

Gross income above £70,000                                                              £250

Charges for an Open Financial Statement, Memorandum of Understanding and Statement of Outcome

We also make a charge for each person, equivalent to the cost of a mediation session to draw up documents summarising the details of your agreed proposals during mediation including an Open Financial Statement.

If you only require a  Statement of Ourcome, we make a charge of half the cost of mediation session .

In the event of cancellation within two working days (excluding weekends and public holidays) a cancellation fee will be charged to the party cancelling the meeting.

Where we are:

Our office and meeting rooms are  at 200A Pentonville Road, London N1 9JP (7 minutes walk from King Cross station). We also use meeting rooms  in Muswell Hill  N10 1PP