Welcome to Central Family Mediation in London

Central Family Mediation Featured in BBC series:
Mr v Mrs Call the Mediator

BBC series: Mr v Mrs Call the MediatorShown in July 2016 on BBC 2.

Documentary series with privileged access to the private world of family mediation, where separated couples come face to face attempting to resolve disputes to avoid a courtroom battle.

“It’s illustrated with real-life cases and is utterly fascinating. Helpful, practical, intelligent television.”
The Observer

We are FMC accredited family mediators based in Central London offering a professional and child focused dispute resolution service.

Our family mediators can help you to build agreement in all areas of conflict resulting from separation, divorce or other related family issue. This includes arrangements for your children and how to share your property and finances.

Mediation improves communication and benefits children. It is voluntary and you remain in control, while we support you to consider options and make decisions about your changing future. It reduces the financial cost of separation and can avoid the need for you having to go to court.

Although we have been offering Legal Aid, we are no longer accepting new legal aid cases. If you think you may be eligible for legal aid, please use the Family Mediation Council search tool to find an alternative mediator.

For private cases, we charge a sliding scale of fees linked to income.

We can sign your court application form to confirm that you have attended an initial meeting ( MIAM) or Mediation, where appropriate.

We have a privacy policy which is available on request.

We offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation to provide information and help you to assess you options.  Mediation can help if you are:

  • going through divorce or separation
  • seeking advice on how to discuss family issues with your children
  • seeking help with understanding and settling your finances
  • having other disputes in your family concerning children